Saturday, October 15, 2005

Pardon the interruption....

A Photon in the Darkness is back on line (literally!) following resolution of a pernicious technical difficulty. A leaking telephone junction box was causing intermittent service interruption along with a significant and persistent (and maddening) slow-down of Internet bit-rate.

Since I don't blog from work (I don't want anyone to accuse me of shirking my duties to flog/blog the pseudoscientists), this service disruption effectively silenced Prometheus - something that many critics have wanted to do for years.

So, please stand by a little longer for the next installment of "How to be a Quack Millionaire!".



Blogger Orac said...

I was getting a bit concerned there for a moment.

I don't blog from work either, with the occasional exception of posting a plug for the Skeptics' Circle or answering the occasional e-mail. I will, however, occasionally post something I composed the night before (or some other time) right when I get into work, just before I start my day. It only takes a minute or two and doesn't interfere with my work.

16 October, 2005 11:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



Just don't try to tell me that this "phone disruption" was random.

Does anyone of the usual suspects live near you and would they have access to your phone whatever it was?

I mean, could someone sort of just, say
puncture a water line leading to this loss of bit-rate which effectively stopped your debunking and un-quacking in it's tracks? Did you find a garden hose in a place where a hose shouldn't be?

I'm just saying.... there are NO coincindences if you know what I mean... have you done your house over in Feng Shui yet to prevent this sort of stuff?

I recommend that you do!!!

17 October, 2005 23:10  

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