Friday, July 15, 2005

Breaking News!

Last night on WCNC (Channel 6 in Charlotte, North Carolina), the (in)famous Rahid Buttar, D.O. showed that, given enough rope, he would hang himself. For those who would like to see a video clip of a man hanging himself with his own tongue, click here.

I tell you, debunking this autism-mercury nonsense is easier than shooting fish in a barrel...with a cannon! It's more like shooting fish taped to the end of the gun barrel. You can't miss! If you give these clowns enough videotape, eventually they will show just how crazy (meant in a non-clinical sense) they truly are.

Please don't miss the opportunity to hear Rashid Buttar say the following:

[1] In answer to questions of whether he has tested to see if his transdermal DMPS (TD-DMPS) drops are, in fact, absorbed through the skin -
“No, we haven't done that. Why would I waste my time proving something that I already know is working innately?”

[2] In response to accusations that he is selling "snake oil" -

“If this is snake oil and what they're doing is medicine, then I choose to practice snake oil. And I have no embarrassment with it,”

[3] In response to accusations that his treatment is a sham -

“If this was a sham then I'll tell you what. This is the best sham that has ever been put on. I think you'd have to agree with that,"

I can't add anything to that.



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